Woodland Management

Falcon Tree Specialists can offer you a comprehensive woodland management service to promote healthy and ecologically diverse woodlands. We may also offer to purchase timber leftover from operations.
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What we manage and why it is important?

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Woodlands are a conglomerate of trees, shrubs and ground flora, all of which require sufficient levels of light periodically for germination, establishment, flowering and seed production.

We manage this by selectively felling certain trees in order to allow the correct amount of light to enter the woodland, especially to encourage the establishment of desirable species, such as native hardwoods with high amenity value.

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Woodlands need to provide a range of age, species and structure to allow a diverse habitat.

This can be achieved by creating rides and edges, selective thinning and opening gaps in the canopy, all of which provide a range of habitats for woodland species to colonise.

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Species mix

Monocultures are only beneficial when the woodland is managed as a commercial operation, creating a uniformity of product and promoting ease of harvesting, in order to enhance the financial viability of a tree crop.

However, in a natural woodland setting monocultures can be detrimental to the health of a woodland due to the increased vulnerability of trees to pathogens and environmental stresses, which are all too present due to current global climate change.

Therefore, we encourage a healthy mix of species to support the longevity of your woodland, as well as managing the woodland design to ensure tolerance towards the rising mean temperatures that we are witnessing.

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