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From log processing to fencing and tree maintenance, our service list is fairly endless when it comes to the outdoors and we pride ourselves on experienced, quality and customer service. As your tree surgeon in Haverhill, we are proficient in cultivating perennials, such as trees, shrubs, hedging and vines.

Our arboricultural and tree surgery services in Haverhill include the following:

  • Log processing – harvesting and logging, then making them available to sell
  • Tree and hedge maintenance – upkeep of variously sized wooded areas
  • Tree pollarding – branch removal to allow for further growth
  • Tree crown reduction – reducing the size of the canopy through pruning
  • Tree crown lifting – creating more height through the removal of lower branches
  • Tree crown reshaping – creating space or your desired shape
  • Tree felling – from creating more space or to remove a dangerous tree
  • Tree stump grinding – we can remove stumps left behind after felling

If there’s something you’re looking for, that isn’t listed above, then we’d love to find out more about your project.


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Besides caring for your trees, our service is different, not just a tree surgeon in Haverhill, we offer a number of other commercial, agricultural and domestic services which include but are not limited to:

  • Fencing – with high quality timbers, ensuring longevity and sleeker designs
  • Lawn and hedge maintenance – upkeep of your outdoor space, large or small
  • Woodchip – perfect for large scale projects or to add a feature to your garden
  • Mobile log splitting – a very handy service if you have wood stored at home

We’re proud to offer a sustainable supply of logs which have been graded as A. Coupled with an affordable price point, we’ll do anything we can to keep our clients warm this Winter in place of a hefty utility bill –  you can trust us to always help you out as the best tree surgeon in Haverhill.


We can assure you that we’re the right tree surgeon in Haverhill for the job. You’ll be wanting to consider qualifications and experience when making the right choice – we’ve got it all.

All of our protocols are well documented and protect all parties involved. We cover each aspect including:

  • National Proficiency Test Council Tickets (NPTCT)
  • BS3998 standard approved
  • LOLER inspected equipment
  • Relevant insurances
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements

The booking process for our friendly customer service and environmentally conscious attitude couldn’t be more simple.
Here’s how working with the top tree surgeon in Haverhill works:

A tree surgeon in Haverhill will visit you at a time to suit

A written quote will be provided to you within 24 hours of the visit

We can book a start date as soon as the quote is accepted

That’s it!