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From log chip mulch, log splitting, stump grinding to hedge and lawn maintenance you can reply on the professional services of Falcon Tree Specialists

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Other services we provide...

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We offer woodchip delivered to your door at an affordable price. Uses for this are endless, such as:

  • Mulch around plants & trees (feeds your plants/trees while keeping weeds at bay)
  • Footpaths/gateways/fields entrances (anywhere to manage muddy areas with high traffic)
  • Bedding for livestock – Play areas
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Mobile Log Splitting Service

We are equipped with a road tow 22 tonne log splitter.

Let us save your back and split them for you to whatever desired size you require!

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Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process whereby a machine slowly mills a stump below ground level. The depth of the stump grinding can go down to approximately 18 inches.

Not only is this process essential for clearing areas to make way for buildings, fences, patios etc., but also the depth achieved ensures that all major roots are disconnected to reduce the potential spread of honey fungus.

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Hedge & Lawn Maintenance

Our services cover all aspects of hedge & lawn maintenance, from domestic to commercial. Our kit ranges from push mowers to 80hp tractors, meaning that we always have the best kit for the job.

These services can be undertaken as a cyclical contract or on a one-off basis. Whatever the size of your garden, you can be assured of our excellent service and value.

To discuss your requirements please do contact us today.